– National Transportation within Spain: free for any number of doors. Door to door service with all insurance included. All doors are properly packed and protected during transport. – National transport off – Spain: Consult. – International land and maritime transport: The transport is carried out through a specialized agency in bulking mode, Classic gate can manage transport offering very competitive prices, with door to door service and insurance all included. If you prefer you can manage it yourself with any transit agency. Our packaging comply with International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures ISPM No. 15 for export.

Please note:

Given the high weight of our products ( solid oak wood with wrought iron) , and that the delivery is made by a single carrier, you must prepare the reception of the door. Normally, the download runs smoothly, with the help of a small crane 4 meter which provides our truck.

Weights approximate reference :

  • 205x86x4 : 60kg
  • 220x110x8 : 140kg
  • 220x150x8 : 180kg
  • 220x180x8 : 200kg
  • 250x200x8 : 300kg

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