Rustic door Pals 205x86x4 width 80cm

  • Solid oak wood.
  • Forging genuine. (See videos)
  • Screws forged.
  • Color choice. (see colors)
  • National transport within peninsula free.
  • Optional rustic finish (+12%). (View Finishes)

Product Description

  • Indoor Pals, total measures 205x86x4 cm, solid oak with genuine forged.
  • Measurement of leaf: 202x80x4
  • Fence thicknesses available: 7cm, 9cm and 11 cm.
  • The door comes packaged in any part of Spain, within peninsula free.
  • The door properly packed can be transported anywhere in the world.
  • Avoid, as far as possible, direct contact with the water and the sun. (Maintenance Tips)
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